Monday, November 29, 2010

Shoulder Surgery?

I sent Dr. Yen an e-mail update about everything that has been going on--specifically my shoulder instability. He literally responded in 15 minutes and wants me to see Dr. Kramer during my visit to Boston in December. Dr. Kramer helped Dr. Yen with my knee surgery and works closely with him on a lot of cases. He has experience with EDS patients which is always comforting news. We are trying to schedule an appointment in which both Dr. Yen and Dr. Kramer are available for a consult/post-op appointment. I also asked Dr. Yen if it makes sense to have the shoulder surgery and RPAO/scope relatively close together (understanding that I would be in a wheelchair for most of my recovery) and he said that as long as Dr. Kim agreed there shouldn't be any problem with that. That was probably the best news I have heard in awhile because I was starting to worry about my right hip supporting me and holding off on that surgery for several months. Although I am not the biggest fan of spending an extended amount of time in a wheelchair, if it means I get these surgeries out of the way sooner then I'd rather that. I would really like to get back to my life (school, work, etc) by next fall at the latest!

I see Dr. Shiple tomorrow for an evaluation of my shoulder and follow-up on my knee. Maybe the ultrasound will give us a better understanding of exactly what is going on inside my shoulder. Unfortunately given EDS, I don't need to have a torn ligament or joint capsule to qualify for surgery. Just the understanding that my shoulder is subluxating is enough to warrant the need to have it fixed. The more I subluxate, the looser I become--which is something we want to avoid as much as possible.

I will update tomorrow after therapy and Dr. Shiple. Hopefully we have an appointment set up in Boston by tomorrow as well.

Please take a moment to say a prayer and send positive, healing thoughts to two of my Hip Chick friends, Marcie and Jessica, who are both having a PAO tomorrow!


  1. It's rather painful not to fulfill your dreams because your body reached its potential limits. However, your story still serves as an inspiration for those who easily lose hope when their plans unfold differently. Hoping the surgery went well, and the recovery was swift and painless.

    This could be an off topic, but have you heard about Depuy ASR Recall?

  2. Thanks Tim! The surgery went well and now I am recovering.

    I have heard of the recall (I see commercials on TV). This does not apply to me, as I didn't have a THR. Anything I can help you with?